Remove local storage XenServer 6.x

This time I’ll show you how to remove local storage from your XenServer 6.x host.

1. log in to your xenserver host via ssh

Use your favourite SSH program I prefer using  MTPuTTY myself.

2.List your storage repositories.

type xe sr-list to get the UUID from the local share you want to remove.

You will see something like this:

uuid ( RO) : 62aac8ce-f974-9ecc-5a6f-6e601fcef97a
name-label ( RW): Local storage
name-description ( RW):
host ( RO): xenghetto.sitedevelopments.local
type ( RO): lvm
content-type ( RO): user

uuid string is the Storage Repository uuid (SR-uuid) that you need to be able to do the next step.

name-label This is the name of the local storage so check if that corresponds to the local storage you want to detach before you go to the next step.

Step 3. Get the Physical Block Device UUID.

Now it’s time to get the Physical Block Device (PBD):

You find that by typing:  xe pbd-list sr-uuid=Your-UUID

[root@xenghetto # xe pbd-list sr-uuid=62aac8ce-f974-9ecc-5a6f-6e601fcef97a
uuid ( RO)                  : 47127040-7e77-749c-ce24-49d33b9df232
host-uuid ( RO): 4b3c5ae2-6b22-4972-bea5-9467b25f519d
sr-uuid ( RO): 62aac8ce-f974-9ecc-5a6f-6e601fcef97a
device-config (MRO): device: /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_INTEL_SSDSC2CT0CVMP2156091M060AGN-part3
currently-attached ( RO): true

uuid ( RO) This is the PBD-uuid write this down and lets unplug the local storage.

Step 4. Unplug the local storage.

To unplug the local storage you type the following:

xe pbd-unplug uuid=Your-PBD-uuid

In my case it’s:

xe pbd-unplug uuid=47127040-7e77-749c-ce24-49d33b9df232

it should now be unplugged. you can check that in xencenter.

Step 5.Delete the PBD:

xe pbd-destroy uuid=your-PBD-uuid

in my case it’s

xe pbd-destroy uuid=47127040-7e77-749c-ce24-49d33b9df232

if you go to xencenter you will now see that it’s fully detached:detached localstorage





6. Forget ( remove ) the Local storage from showing up as detached.

xe sr-forget uuid=your-SR-uuid

xe sr-forget uuid=62aac8ce-f974-9ecc-5a6f-6e601fcef97a

Now check your XenCenter that it’s removed.




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