How to Add a Permanent Search Domain Entry in the Resolv.conf File of a XenServer Host

This post describes how to add a permanent search domain entry in the resolv.cof of a XenServer Host. Because if you try to manually edit resolv.conf to add search domains the entries are not persistent after the XenServer Host reboot.


The following are the requirements:

  • XenServer 5.0 and later
  • Access to the command line interface of the XenServer host
  • The Network Interface Cards (NICs) on the XenServer host must be configured with a static IP address

Complete the following procedure:

  1. To identify the management NIC on a given host run, run the following command:
    xe pif-list host-name-label= management=true
  2. To add the static search domain entry to the resolv.conf:
    xe pif-param-set uuid=
  3. Reboot the XenServer Host.
  4. The cat /etc/resolv.conf displays the search domain entry.

Note: Multiple search domain entries can be entered separated by commas:

xe pif-param-set uuid=,


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