Installation instructions to install Ansible with yum on CentOS 7.x, RHEL 7.x, Fedora 7.x

So you are staring with Automation, Then I recommend you to install Ansible from the EPEL repository. It super easy so I will not create a huge blog post about this.

Requirements before we install Ansible with yum is of course the EPEL Repository. “You have Instructions for installing EPEL the easy way in this post: Install EPEL Repository” The EPEL repository is enabled by default when you follow my instructions so the only thing that I recommend before installing Ansible is to do a system update:

sudo yum update -y

Now lets install Ansible

sudo youm install ansible -y

Lets check the version

ansible --version
ansible --version
ansible 1.9.2
  configured module search path = None


Now you are ready to start using Ansible.



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